Wednesday, May 24, 2006

everything is changing,. it is true that the world does turn and it doesn't revolve around you. life is not 'truman's show'. even though sometimes i feel it is and wish it was. reality does check up on me and tells me that life goes on with or without me. that people do get up on their beds everyday (doesn't matter which side, right side or not). and they get up because there is work to be done and money to be earned and needs to be filled. and with that the world turns and everything changes.

as i take a step, a breath, as my heart beats, so does everybody.
maybe its not just eveything that changes,. evybody bodyu,. or EVERYTHING!

all this i realized when i was out with my mom and saw that 168 at divisoria became larger and there are renovations at quiapo.

which made me sigh 'everything is changing'
and my jailkeeper said yes in approval.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

i think i maybe missing school,. maybe its because of the lack of things to do,. bawal mag computer,. wlang tv,.

and i also maybe yearning for the social interaction that i can not seem to get here at home,.

bsta,. basta basta alot of maybe s in my head,.

all that im sure of is that i want a great, productive summer

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

there are just some people who live for the thrill, who cannot just sit alone watching tv or playing with the computer,. and when they find something for them to do they forget you,,. that you're in that group,. (or are you?) do they even know you exist?

miss you,. its bullshit,. that's a piece of crap,. words words words,. sometimes you have to make the damn person feel it,. why,. you only say it when that supposedly missed human being suddenly says hi../ that's because he found a way to make you feel what he's feeling,.

im just mad at the world right now,. i really dont know why,.
but i do know na ang babaw ng rason,. sobra!!

pero galit ako,.masama ang loob,.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

i just like to smile today,. funny, because its the end of the day,.
kanina parang wla lang tapos ngayon.,
put a smile on your face,. make the world a better place ang drama ko,.


last night,. i dont know if i was dreaming,. maybe i was half asleep,.
a sort of poem came to my head,.

its just about me, really,. and this horrible state that i am in,. state of averageness,. me being part of this mediocre world,. why cant i rise up?,.

i cant remember the lines,. all i can recall is :
" swept into mediocrity"

and somehow ends like:
"i'm not Celia, ben, i'm not Celia"

bwahaha,.i even had a dream about my lineage being great,. oo kaiba yung panaginip ko,.
parang mga war heroes and the men from my family were supposedly men in history as well

hay naku,. parang im putting pressure on myself,. aftr all it was just a dream,. which means it only exist on my pretty little head,.:)

anyway,.alam ko na im never gonna be anyone's muse,. right-y-o?
but why would fate destine me to think that way and the next day,. out of nowhere,. for the first time while i'm online,. he's online,. sa YM,.bwahehe,.
bull$#!+ no? kaasar?

syempre,. di ako nakipagusap,. there was no conversation,. not even a ring/buzz,.
just me changing my status message,.
him online,. plastered an ear to ear smile on my face,. made me warm inside,.

if you're my friend i know what you're probably gonna say
crush ko pa din sya,. its obvious that im still thinking about him,.

hindi na no,. hindi na po!!!!!!!!!!
pero instant lang talaga at happy na ko,. parang makita ko lang sya,. hindi nga lang makita,. malaman ko lang nabuhay pa sya,.saya na ko./hahahahaha
ewan ko bat ganoon,.

i thought the 'unfabulous' girl, addie singer, can relate with me,. with jake bahari,. pero no,.
she doesn't,. she's off making out with randy kline,.

just that,.
jake,. jake., he makes my stomach quake,.
jake jake,. he makes my ankle shake,.
jake jake,. someday i'd like to make out with
J-A-K-E bahari!

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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Q: pag meron ka bang lenguwahe na hindi alam madalad ba sasabihin mo na chinese na kaagad ito?

di naman ako addict sa online poker,. pero, i like it, that's why i play whenever i get the chance and i have nothing better to do. dahil nga online,. madalas,.nakakachat ko yung ibang mga players syempre para din ma prove sa sarili ko na may kalaro talga ako,at hindi lang computer. sabi nga nung isa,. that we're just text to one another. kaya madalas talaga i try to start a conversation,. tulad ng 'where are you from?' or 'do you play often?' diba magagwa ba yun ng computer ang makipagconverse or say something like,. nice (pag nanalo ka) or nice hand,.

dahil nga madalas ako maglaro hindi lang isa ang user name ko,.

eh isang beses kasi naglalaro ako as pinayak0,. (sinasabi nitong kapatid ko na baka ako lang daw ang pinoy na naglalaro)

at isang nag hi yung isang player,.tapos it turns out na pinoy pla sya,. living in canada since the 90's pa,. ang tagal na ,. 1994? ata yun eh basta yun,. obviously,. we got talking at tagalog po kami naguusap,.
at yung mga tao sa amin ay nagtataka what language are we speaking?
one player thought that we might be speaking chinese?

(i dont even know a single word of chinese)
why is it that that person suddenly concluded that this unknown language might be chinese,.
dahil ba madaming chinese?

kaya yun,. hehe

Thursday, May 11, 2006

ang hirap ng may sakit,.lalo na sa init ng summer,.,.kaya mo yun??
ang init at ang lamig,. yung init ng balat mo yung ang lamig ng katawan mo,.
tsaka sobra kaya ang pawis,. tapos bawal pang maligo,.

my shesh!!!

buti ok nako
dahil nga sobrang init diba??
andun ako sa may cum terrace ng aming bahay, kung san malakas ang hangin,. nagpapalamig,.nakikinig ng radyo at nagbabasa ng libro,.
nung pagbaba ko ng libro,. nakahiga ako sa sahig,. at
wla lang nagustuhan ko lang yung mga ulap,. parang bata uli,.(at parang kailan lang ay sinasabi ko palang sa sarili ko na nagiging realistic na ako,. prang hindi nako bata hehe),.ayun,. ang ganda ng mga ulap,. ang tagal na din ng huli ko silang tignan, at bumilis na ata sila,. hay pero majestic padin,. magical
nung narealize ko yun,.narinig ko yung radyo at tama yung kanta,.
never leave you
patapos na,.patapos na talaga,. sinabi nung dj yung pangaln nung singer,. ewan ko,. kc? basta dalawa yung pangalan,.
tapos yung title,. hehe,.get this 'CLOUDS',.
hinahanap ko nga yung lyrics hindi ko mahanaphanap,.

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