Wednesday, May 24, 2006

everything is changing,. it is true that the world does turn and it doesn't revolve around you. life is not 'truman's show'. even though sometimes i feel it is and wish it was. reality does check up on me and tells me that life goes on with or without me. that people do get up on their beds everyday (doesn't matter which side, right side or not). and they get up because there is work to be done and money to be earned and needs to be filled. and with that the world turns and everything changes.

as i take a step, a breath, as my heart beats, so does everybody.
maybe its not just eveything that changes,. evybody bodyu,. or EVERYTHING!

all this i realized when i was out with my mom and saw that 168 at divisoria became larger and there are renovations at quiapo.

which made me sigh 'everything is changing'
and my jailkeeper said yes in approval.

yes, everything changes. they say that it's the only permamnent thing in this life. so how do you feel about that? are you changing?do you need to change? changes do not start outside but deep within, from the darkest corner of your mind, from the depths of yoour soul... words are too big. but then again, it should start somewhere, right? even if it should come from the corners of your fingernails.

what is it that keeps you? "imprisons" you?

talk with me. and next time, let's share it over some food and drinks ^_^
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