Saturday, August 03, 2013

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

no and yes

well no to the fact,. that the perv and i have not un any way been an item,. i have not seen his face actually,.

i think its more of this social networking sites that's been making me popular,. so, i can't help it if the last time they saw me i was this chubby nerdy girl with eye glasses,. and now suddenly i lost weight and not too glasses dependent any more,. and no,. the guys that i've been texting since then, i no longer am communicatung with any of them./ hello 2010!!!!



yes! i have been kissed,. or more to say,. i kissed someone,. it was more of a valentine's day impulse,. i was out with my friends in a bar in espaƱa, we were having our annual valentines get together on the 13th of feb. All of them are in a committed relationship and they were all ganging up on me,.saying when will i be having a boyfriend? one of them has been in a long term relationships and now, its going good, while the other has has a series of lets say hmm,. nice? guys and the third well,. she is happy with her girl,. when? when? when? so i kissed the guy beside me.

pfft,. doesn't really answer the when right?

i guess i couldm't really get pass the second date trauma,. or something,. all i've ever been with is up to a sde

that was

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Thursday, July 23, 2009


i cant believe that its been six months since i've blogged about anything. this blog is to inform people that i just dont spend my days moping around the house waiting for my guy to get it through my highway of love, get it pass that friggin traffic already.

lately my social life has been active, that my mom is getting used to it. been hanging out with a lot of friends, meeting people and also an improvement towards the opposite sex, just a lot of textmates lang naman ano ,. hahah. (cornetto pa din ba?)

like who?

well,. i'll share only one because this is one particular case i'd like to rant about

an old classmate from, who i shall label as the perv,. in his messages, both text and chat he has nothing good to say except cutie pie, gorgeous, sweet, innocent and (im about to puke) calls me his girlfriend,. wishing? Please can you make your bola styles a little more subtle
what more he feels he stood me up when i asked him to accompany me to wait for an important meeting. Like duh, as-if. Feeling! First of, it was not a date, second i had friends who i had fun playing billiards while waiting. So, can the perv stop feeling ever so important and stop apologizing.

perv is good looking,. so if anybody out there wants a guy who's only objective is to take a peek into your friendster private pix, he's all yours.

nope i did not allow him, even though those picx were only shots of my childhood,. bwahahha
* * * * *
well, am also happy to find out that tortilos does not diss bad grammar nor neologism. cause bad grammar is a delinquency that i am guilty of.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

friendster meet-ups

i didn't even do a background check, like friends we have in common in that networking site.

So i was a bit rattled, not by him but what was to come, will I turn up alright? will i say the right words? I was going out with an extreme stranger, and mind you, I am not used to going out with boys.

Anyway, he asked me if I wanted to see two-timing Pitt's latest flick, the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Let's all see.

this was a draft,. written online,. well I dif get to see the guy, i labeled "panget", for I couldn't look at him, a second time.

Although, nope he doesn't look like Rene Requestas nor your bedroom monster. I just couldn't stand him.

that's why we never did spoke to each other after that dinner, that I think all my siblings did enjoy (took home a lot of tempura)

ANd yeap, a toast to my friend for she has finally called it quits with her BF. or was it the guy who pulled the straw?

either way, cheers to singlehood!


bring me back to reality

i have this friend who usually complains about her boyfriend and then she says she loves him.

the number of times they've broken up can actually equate all the Chinese people, even those who just look Chinese.

Not a week, nor day, and I'm not exaggerating, has passed that she tested me for a complain.

And they usually have a spat over the smallest things. Just because she was not able to watch an episode of Entourage, which her BF is a fan. Or just because she's been talking to a friend whom her BF does not approve of.

It was the holidays! it would be mean to greetings.

What more, the guy picking out your friends, tsk! Tsk! Even her parents don't do that!

Leave the guy already.

She reasons that she can't because she loves him, she can't stand to be alone.
I wonder does she really love him or perhaps she just loves herself?

If ever this happens to me, I won't leave a guy despite all the bad things he has done, can you slap me and bring me back to reality./


Monday, December 15, 2008

one step at a time

At first he was just a sign that I wasn't gonna be late for work...

but then I began to took notice. He is tall and babyface, which I have to admit is really my type, ewan ko ba kung bakit naligaw doon kay Tortilos.

I usually see him moving, in a plain yet radiant long sleeves polo shirt that matches his skin tone, listening to some mysterious music, through Paseo Avenue . As each day passes, as I hurry to get to work, grows the eager fascination of again seeing him.

I thought I wouldn't get to see him again.

Then today, the fates smile upon me, and...

as if being reminded by Jordin Sparks, whose song I was hearing over my radio phone as I caught a glimpse of him, I need to take it

One step at a time
There's no need to rush
It's like learning to fly
Or falling in love
It's gonna happen when it's
Supposed to happen that we
Find the reasons why
One step at a time


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