Thursday, July 23, 2009


i cant believe that its been six months since i've blogged about anything. this blog is to inform people that i just dont spend my days moping around the house waiting for my guy to get it through my highway of love, get it pass that friggin traffic already.

lately my social life has been active, that my mom is getting used to it. been hanging out with a lot of friends, meeting people and also an improvement towards the opposite sex, just a lot of textmates lang naman ano ,. hahah. (cornetto pa din ba?)

like who?

well,. i'll share only one because this is one particular case i'd like to rant about

an old classmate from, who i shall label as the perv,. in his messages, both text and chat he has nothing good to say except cutie pie, gorgeous, sweet, innocent and (im about to puke) calls me his girlfriend,. wishing? Please can you make your bola styles a little more subtle
what more he feels he stood me up when i asked him to accompany me to wait for an important meeting. Like duh, as-if. Feeling! First of, it was not a date, second i had friends who i had fun playing billiards while waiting. So, can the perv stop feeling ever so important and stop apologizing.

perv is good looking,. so if anybody out there wants a guy who's only objective is to take a peek into your friendster private pix, he's all yours.

nope i did not allow him, even though those picx were only shots of my childhood,. bwahahha
* * * * *
well, am also happy to find out that tortilos does not diss bad grammar nor neologism. cause bad grammar is a delinquency that i am guilty of.

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