Monday, December 15, 2008

one step at a time

At first he was just a sign that I wasn't gonna be late for work...

but then I began to took notice. He is tall and babyface, which I have to admit is really my type, ewan ko ba kung bakit naligaw doon kay Tortilos.

I usually see him moving, in a plain yet radiant long sleeves polo shirt that matches his skin tone, listening to some mysterious music, through Paseo Avenue . As each day passes, as I hurry to get to work, grows the eager fascination of again seeing him.

I thought I wouldn't get to see him again.

Then today, the fates smile upon me, and...

as if being reminded by Jordin Sparks, whose song I was hearing over my radio phone as I caught a glimpse of him, I need to take it

One step at a time
There's no need to rush
It's like learning to fly
Or falling in love
It's gonna happen when it's
Supposed to happen that we
Find the reasons why
One step at a time


Thursday, December 11, 2008

on the wedge

I always had a fascination for wedge shoes. They give height and comfort. They are elevated in the same way that you have this inkling that you won't slip. After all, the height that you need is very well supported.

Moreover, I always believed that the wedge shoes aren't that vulnerable.

I was wrong, I heard my right heel crack.
Nasira yung shoe ko!

Buti nalang may dala akong slippers and i had an extra pair of shoes here in the office


I can't wait for the end of season sale either end of the year or early 2009.

Start saving people!


Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Rico Blanco's lyrics seems to have said it all, "and it's keeping me up all night. I did't expect that i'd be so affected..,.i become so helpless, helpless."

Ah, i need to listen to his labum otherwise i cannot go to sleep, and if I do I still can't cause I need to hear it over and over and over and over again.

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Friday, December 05, 2008

the morning rush over at 93.1, topic for the day was how can you tell a virgin from a non-virgin?

Well there were some funny quotes, A virgin would be hatid-sundo, while a nonvirgin would be sundot-hatid. Or maybe when you step into a motel, the virgin would be surprised and would want to get out while the non-virgin would simply ask "where's the remote?" Like after a test, a virgin would say, ang hirap, while a non virgin would comment, "it's hard."

And then there where also entries like, a virgin would prefer someone who is guapo, while a non-virgin would look for something else, because there is more that matters like how he handles himself. ..


Thursday, December 04, 2008

male pattern baldness

I was googling one of my panelists from a workshop. This panelist is cute, although a little old. Hint:I wanted to know everything about male pattern baldness because of the guy.

Don't crucify me for liking a balding man, he is oozing with sexxzzzzzzxxx appeal, the type that you can't even look at. Yah! He's pictures doesn't do him any justice!

It was j
ust the usual pages, that he was in a jazz, punk band, an award winning poet, etcetera. Until until one told me that he was living in with a long time girlfriend so I turned to Images, that would somehow make my day.

Then I remembered and started googling Tortilos, and most results came from Blogs.--- Thank god I never mentioned his name nor posted a pic of his, because once he searched his name over the internet, I'd die of massive embarrassment. ZOBRA!

The guy has a fan base up in UP, (university of the Philippines), where rumors are spreading that he's gay and he has a lesbian lover, and of course comments are debating on his sexuality.

WELL, I guess they are not as informed as I am, I know people he usually hung around, or to be quite specific, I know him. I have him on my YM list, and me on his, but I never had the guts to buzz him. We were from the same building, same course as well, kulang nalang classmates kami.

I'm straying from the topic, aren't I? Anyway, yes he is committed to a lesbian ( so what's the big f-ing deal? And as for the biggest questions, he has tendencies as well.

---He once told a common friend that he'd do it with a guy, (that was back in High school I believe). And our eccentric teacher once commented our class, that it's been a long time since she had straight boys in her class, because Tortilos was questionable. Then a friend of his, did say what our common friend did tell me.


if the Phil's literary world was hollywood Tortilos would be Brad pitt,,. um no he would be,(now this would be a hard crown to give to), Leonardo diCaprio because he's till young and has a lot to prove, Panelist would be Brad Pitt, old, married but still friggin hot.

Well, let me let you into a little secret, its not really the looks we are after. It's just a bonus of some sort. It's what the guy has to offer. Honestly, would you like a girl who sits around all day eatig chips out of a Piattos big while watching TV? Come on, if you said yes, be reasonable. How would you live? How would you buy the Piattos? How would you pay for the electricity bill that makes the TV run, huh?

We need someone with a bit of drive. You know, ambition and the will to make that dream happen.

Maybe that's why I'm not that into Kitek, yet. Coz, I really don't know if he's an architect or an interior designer, I don;t know anything about him.
Kitek works for an architectural firm which is just next to our office so, I see most of the times. He's cute.
and that's also why i don't tell people about guys who i think are cute because if i do they suddenly turn into mini crushes that I can't suddenly control! it's like highschool but worse

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surprise visits in nice packages

i decided to kill GfY, why? it's instinct, the first time you saw blood did your parents told you what it was about? no, right? so it's just like that, there's a part, a big part of me that just doesn't like him.

well, who knows what might happen, he might be revived.

i've been missing my writing twitch lately, what more i haven't got any freetime, been busy, although lazy at work.

The twilight movie is in first week, and yeah i already saw i. I liked the part when they were playing baseball. Nice, huh?

The twiligth movie is also the topic of a few text messages between me and a former officemate (FO).

This FO of mine wants to be a broker, so he's selling real estate. It's somehow associated with the company that I'm currently working for, which is a real estate developer. I usually text him quotes and all, but it was only up to that. Not even the usual, no malice "musta na?" No, none of that.

So i was a bit surprised when he texted me, about a month ago, asking if he can call me. i gave him my home number, after all I was already home. We catch up on things. Before ending the call, he hinted that he'd like to take me out. Maybe that Saturday. It was, i think maybe Tuesday or Wednesday. So we hung up there.

After, I realized that the saturday that he was implying was all saint's day, a holiday and I'd probably be at the province.

I was expecting another invite from him, but no none came. I thought that, that was that.

Then, he texted me, inquiring about my company's projects. Well, my division doesn't handle all of the company's projects. Only a specific area. I referred him to the one in charge of our broker's network.

He came into our office, and he left. I didn't even know that he came in and that he was done.
Concerned on how things where going with him, I texted him ,"ok na?" It took him several hours to reply. Then all of a sudden, he wants to know if I read the twilight book. That was tuesday, the day before Twilight was to be shown. My sister's friend has a copy which was lying around the house, so yeah, I had some opportunity to browse through the sappy love love story. I quickly followed with saying that I wanted to watch the movie.

And he replied, that yeah he too wants to do just that. We got into talking about what other stuff we where reading, mostly that.

A few days after, he texted yet again, asking me if i was available for coffee, since there was a starbucks near my building. I was a bit surprised by his sudden invitation. It was only 2pm, so I replied that my break was for another hour or so and I had alot to do. Still, he insisted in seeing me. He asked where my office floor was again, because, according to him, he had something to give me. To me, he was saying, but in the back of my head there was a warning for me not to expect, so it was telling me, it would probably be for the broker's network.

What if it was really for me? I didn't know what to do, so I told my happy-go-lucky boss that I had a friend coming. I was dressed like shit. I had on purple slacks with loose cream colored polo. I was a bit panicky. A few minutes later, our phone rang and it was the reception telling us I had a visitor. it was FO.

As I opened the door to the reception, I saw FO. After a long time. There he was sitting on one of the couches, perusing his cellphone. He had with him a brown paper bag that said power books. Was it a Twilight book? I opened it, and it was a novel by Danielle Steel, Remembrance. I politely thanked him and we got to talking on how things are with him, how my former bosses where.

He stayed for a few minutes more, but then he excused himself for he had another meeting to attend to. So, I escorted him to the elevator.

My boss got a subtle look at him, and when we were at our cubicle, asked some questions about him, and that by the next week, which is today, I should have had dinner with the guy already (nope, none yet!) He also told me that I should give the guy a call, right that instant and thank him, ask him why there was no dedication, if he already read it, if yes what part did he like.

At first, I couldn't do it. Until my boss convinced me so. The guy made the initiative and took the effort to come to my office, so I too should do just that. Take it form a man's POV, ha? He even said that I should Google flirting, that would add some spice to my life?

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