Tuesday, January 13, 2009

friendster meet-ups

i didn't even do a background check, like friends we have in common in that networking site.

So i was a bit rattled, not by him but what was to come, will I turn up alright? will i say the right words? I was going out with an extreme stranger, and mind you, I am not used to going out with boys.

Anyway, he asked me if I wanted to see two-timing Pitt's latest flick, the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Let's all see.

this was a draft,. written online,. well I dif get to see the guy, i labeled "panget", for I couldn't look at him, a second time.

Although, nope he doesn't look like Rene Requestas nor your bedroom monster. I just couldn't stand him.

that's why we never did spoke to each other after that dinner, that I think all my siblings did enjoy (took home a lot of tempura)

ANd yeap, a toast to my friend for she has finally called it quits with her BF. or was it the guy who pulled the straw?

either way, cheers to singlehood!


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