Tuesday, April 13, 2010

no and yes

well no to the fact,. that the perv and i have not un any way been an item,. i have not seen his face actually,.

i think its more of this social networking sites that's been making me popular,. so, i can't help it if the last time they saw me i was this chubby nerdy girl with eye glasses,. and now suddenly i lost weight and not too glasses dependent any more,. and no,. the guys that i've been texting since then, i no longer am communicatung with any of them./ hello 2010!!!!



yes! i have been kissed,. or more to say,. i kissed someone,. it was more of a valentine's day impulse,. i was out with my friends in a bar in espaƱa, we were having our annual valentines get together on the 13th of feb. All of them are in a committed relationship and they were all ganging up on me,.saying when will i be having a boyfriend? one of them has been in a long term relationships and now, its going good, while the other has has a series of lets say hmm,. nice? guys and the third well,. she is happy with her girl,. when? when? when? so i kissed the guy beside me.

pfft,. doesn't really answer the when right?

i guess i couldm't really get pass the second date trauma,. or something,. all i've ever been with is up to a sde

that was

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