Wednesday, May 17, 2006

there are just some people who live for the thrill, who cannot just sit alone watching tv or playing with the computer,. and when they find something for them to do they forget you,,. that you're in that group,. (or are you?) do they even know you exist?

miss you,. its bullshit,. that's a piece of crap,. words words words,. sometimes you have to make the damn person feel it,. why,. you only say it when that supposedly missed human being suddenly says hi../ that's because he found a way to make you feel what he's feeling,.

im just mad at the world right now,. i really dont know why,.
but i do know na ang babaw ng rason,. sobra!!

pero galit ako,.masama ang loob,.

aww... ang anabebeh ko malungkot... sana nanjan ako para ma-hug kita para hindi ka na ma-sad. tapos inuman tayo!! yahooo!! pero sikret lang natin. haha! ayun. inuman tayo pagbalik ko. seryoso ha. kaya mag-ipon ka na ng pang-toma natin okay? tapos videoke tayo. lam mo yung ang gusto kong gawin ngayon eh. mag-inuman tapos videoke. saya!!

miss na kita anabebeh... totoo. miss ko na may nakikinig lang sa mga blabbers ko. miss ko na high moments natin. wala lang...
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