Sunday, May 14, 2006

i just like to smile today,. funny, because its the end of the day,.
kanina parang wla lang tapos ngayon.,
put a smile on your face,. make the world a better place ang drama ko,.


last night,. i dont know if i was dreaming,. maybe i was half asleep,.
a sort of poem came to my head,.

its just about me, really,. and this horrible state that i am in,. state of averageness,. me being part of this mediocre world,. why cant i rise up?,.

i cant remember the lines,. all i can recall is :
" swept into mediocrity"

and somehow ends like:
"i'm not Celia, ben, i'm not Celia"

bwahaha,.i even had a dream about my lineage being great,. oo kaiba yung panaginip ko,.
parang mga war heroes and the men from my family were supposedly men in history as well

hay naku,. parang im putting pressure on myself,. aftr all it was just a dream,. which means it only exist on my pretty little head,.:)

anyway,.alam ko na im never gonna be anyone's muse,. right-y-o?
but why would fate destine me to think that way and the next day,. out of nowhere,. for the first time while i'm online,. he's online,. sa YM,.bwahehe,.
bull$#!+ no? kaasar?

syempre,. di ako nakipagusap,. there was no conversation,. not even a ring/buzz,.
just me changing my status message,.
him online,. plastered an ear to ear smile on my face,. made me warm inside,.

if you're my friend i know what you're probably gonna say
crush ko pa din sya,. its obvious that im still thinking about him,.

hindi na no,. hindi na po!!!!!!!!!!
pero instant lang talaga at happy na ko,. parang makita ko lang sya,. hindi nga lang makita,. malaman ko lang nabuhay pa sya,.saya na ko./hahahahaha
ewan ko bat ganoon,.

i thought the 'unfabulous' girl, addie singer, can relate with me,. with jake bahari,. pero no,.
she doesn't,. she's off making out with randy kline,.

just that,.
jake,. jake., he makes my stomach quake,.
jake jake,. he makes my ankle shake,.
jake jake,. someday i'd like to make out with
J-A-K-E bahari!

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