Tuesday, November 18, 2008

they were all recounting when they lost their virginity, high school, college, and then they joked i'll do i at the age of thirty. ha!

i always thought that no date is better than a than a bad date

i's a part of my life that i do not want to remember but ill always remember because my friends were there. i had witnesses who will always badger me to no end.

The guy doesn't even know where Trinoma is.

Okay, so medyo forgivable, coz he's a seaman from Davao, and that Trinoma is the newest mall.
But then when I asked him to meet up instead in SM Nedsa, he detered and instead wanted to go to Isetan,.


i have been seldom replying to his texts
the last text i sent him this morning was: "weirdo, may dahilan ba ako para magalit sayo?"

i'd just like to kill him in my world he is dead. why? just because?

the first time you saw blood, did your parents tell you what it was, no. So it's simply instinct why i am doing this. goodbye GfY

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