Monday, November 17, 2008

that Tortilos Crunch

it wasn't as surreal as i expected it to be I got more tongue tied and lost whenever I see Tortilos walking down the hallways of my alma mater or a certain mall.

I guess, having a picture taken and an album plus a poster autographed would seem enough for a raving fan. But then, it just doesn't fill the void. (i know that "i'll always be the lucky one")

Ok, i have to admit that, madami pa akong celebrity crushes, this is just one of them. Oh well, it was after all only his music and talent in song writing that i like about him and not his looks***

Although, I don't feel the same way towards tortilos anymore.
no more jitters no more quivers down, that only he has the power to send to me.
those partial body malfunctions, similar to asthma attacks, one thing that saves me is the thought of him.
no, hindi pa pwede., haven't yet kissed him, hugged him, touched him, Ah i miss that Tortilos crunch

I don't know if it counts, there was this one chance encounter, in a mall, my fingers ran through his left arm, for me to assure myself that yes he is indeed real.

i have had the ginormous admiration for that guy, almost leaning towards obsession, to the point of stalking him. Yes, one time a friend and I almost did, we followed him around campus, unfortunately he got into one building, and i think he attended a conference of sorts, that's where we lost him.

Right now, to me his dead. Not literally, because he has been in and out of the yahoo messenger (and no, i (nor he) have not been buzzing him, if any of you wonder). He is dead because I do not get to see him anymore, not even a sight of his frightening hair.

I know that i do not think about him anymore because I do not mistake any guy with the same silhoutte, long hair, rugged and has not shaved for quite a long time for him. See?

It's only now that the truth is exorcising me. It's not really him, it's only the idea of him, what he will become and what he has to offer.

Well, I guess he is good looking, being the look alike of certain celebs like Atom and Champ.

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