Saturday, November 15, 2008

the guy from yes

OM told me that the first guy from yes (GfY) texted him and wanted to know my number,
so i got his from OM.

A few texts later, i decided to meet up with guy from yes.
There same night that a friend from high school (HS) called me and wanted to meet up. Apparently, my clique has already planned this days before and had only gotten the load just now. What more, one of my friends had just broken up with her lover.

I couldn't get out of it. Even if I told HS that I had an EB planned for the night, which was a celebration for them because I rarely go out, especially with guys.

We were meeting at Vito Cruz, at a bar called Dematisse. My broken hearted (BH) friend once told me about it, it was supposedly full of lesbians. So, of course I wanted to come for the experience.

(the meeting time was at 6pm, they made me wait for two f:)cking hours. the staff already knew me as the babae sa may dulo, grr.)

When BH and HS came, BH spilled about how she didn't care about her ex. She was playing it up like every broken hearted girl should texting her how hurt was etcetera. Well I've never been through any break-ups so, i can't any offer advice for this situation. But judging from what my friends are doing it is best for a girl to rant when she's numb and leave and let it be when there is pain.

HS told BH about my EB. It was decided upon to let (GfY) come over. I didn't know that they had dates coming over.

HS talked to GfY over my phone, pretending to be me. Ang sabi pa ni HS, "mnsan lang kayo nag-uusap no? Hindi niya ako nabosesan."

Well, yes. We did talk , about once over the phone, the rest was just how are you and a couple of ingats ka. Sappy? huh?

HS did most of the babbling to convince GfY to come over to Dematisse. Several phone calls later, HS was laughing. She has succeded! Gfy was bringing his brother, the one who came up to us (OM and me).

Honestly, I never cared if GfY didn't show up, I even texted him, ok lang kahit di na dumating uuwi na din ako.

He replied, "bakit? wait lang, ok lang ba?"

Grr,. HS got him convinced to meet with my friends.

So I had to wait for him, even though I told my mom that I'd be home by nine pm, (I asked for ten pm, but she said I had to be at nine). I had to wait for him, he was on his way from Sta. Cruz.

it was just the three of us, BH, HS and me. when a couple of little girls or should I say guys, approached my friend, BH. they looked like twins, with the chinita eyes, same barber cut and same jeans and shirt get up. They were keeping BH company.

Finally, our fourth friend, (FF)the late one decided to join us. She was on a date with this weirdly tall and white guy, called Kim. Kim, once worked in Telus, but not with BH, i think.

I wanted to go home, I know that my mother was going to grill me, for the hour that i was going to get my key to the door.

But then one of the little girls, or is it boys, suddenly said, siya nga daw seventeen lang eh. Moreover, my friends were beging me to stay for my ka-Eb.

Finally, I got a text from Gfy, telling me he was there.
i asked where. He couln't have gotten around far, without having seen me. we have just moved near the entrance.
It turned out that he was in the second floor.

My friends chided me to go see him na. Accompanied by BH, I went up. the second floor was darkly lit and was full of girls and their ka-ons. So, I really didn't know where he was. There was a table, on the other end of the corner, where two guys where.
I only spotted one of them, the one nearest the corner, he was fugly. As in. how do I describe it? Yah, i guess that's just the word, it, and not him, LOL! dark colored and desperatly needing a facial, wearing only sando and jeans, if that's him, puhlees! BH wanted to go there. I quickly told her, "hindi yan yun," and made a dash for the stairs as the other guy, pointed right
at me. OMG!

Fortunately, I got to our table, without anyone chasing after moi. BH was laughing telling our friends how the other guy pointed directly at me while i said, "hindi yan yun!"

I did not want to go back there. But my friends were on this guy's side. They were coaxing me to o up again, how about the guy's effort to come meet me. After all, it was all so sudden and he agreed. I was standing firm, I did not want o see that Rene Requestas incarnate again, and then one of my friends commented. "Si Ana, feeling miss Universe." They were jabbering me to go see the guy, so what if he is ugly, i too have my faults. They were trying to make me see the efforts, he was at home at what time of the night and out of nowhere said yes in meeting with me.

I wouldn't budge. Until, HS offered to join me, she'd make sure that nothing bad was gonna happen.

We went up, when we got to the table, the guy from yes was there, as i had remembered him. Somewhat fair skinned and yup, okay naman.

Apparantly, he had gone to the Cr the first time I went up that was why I did not see him. I introduced HS to Gfy, unfortuantely I got his name wrong, it wasn't Eric, it was something else. Again, he called me Broke, and HS kept addressing me as Ana. So GFY wondered what my name really was. HS made palusot, saying she was used to calling me Ana.

His friends didn't want to join our table, but he was nice enough to even grab a beer from our bucket. He noticed the two little dykes sitting next to him, to hom he was joking, "baka may project pa kayo ha?"

more girl on girl action

Fortunately for me, it was time to go, and phew, he also had left. I was _ home by one of the little girl/boys in a taxi, coz BH said she was into me. Yeah, right?

HS texted me days lated that GfY is okay na, nakikisama, and all

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