Monday, November 03, 2008

the brooke incident

it was a normal day office, or so i thought. An office mate invited me out after. So she could have some companion to quiapo and then afterwards we'd grab a drink or two in her usual tambayan at Recto Ave.

I've been there, at Yes! once, maybe twice during my college days. i never expected to go back. it was a kind of seedy bar. People playing billiards, guys asking for your number and buying you drinks.

It was a little different that night. The place was not packed, as it usually was. I could now here the music playing, instead of people's voices rising above each others trying to tell a story. There were, to my estimate, five tables occupied. The number of people playing billiards were also quite few, only about two tables.

It was only the two of us in that table, near the hanging electric fan, We picked that coz, it was kind of hot and we were tired walking all the way from Quiapo.

We had a little problem with money, so we ordered just one pitcher of beer for a hundred bucks. We were calculating how much more was left for us to get home. I had enough just for one ride. Which was okay, i just had to walk to Avenida and ride a jeep to home from there.

Time seemed to pass by quickly, us talking and taking pictures and the pitcher running dry.
I felt my head getting heavy by the minute, so I didn't want a drink, leaving my friend the pitcher all to herself.

We were good to go with the last glass of beer being drunk, until somebody from two tables in front us approached us.

The guy asked for our number. He had with him, two cellphones, cool, probably one of his mates, wanted one of our numbers.

I told you I've been there before, but not with my office mate (OM). I remember that time, when I was out with my friends, and someone came by, asking to join us, buy us a drink, and they, the people who I was with, rejected.

So i was just laughing, I didn't know what to do. Until my officemate dropped a hint and called me Brooke.

I got the message loud and clear, though, i was still giggling uncontrollably. I didn't know whose number was I supposed to give out. I reached for my cellphone. hanging on my neck and gave hers, my OM's, instead.

The guy left us, we were good to go, unfortunately, to our surprise, another man approached our table.

This guy was old, well, not necessarily carrying a crane to walk old, just older than me, old. About thirty years old i'm guessing, and was just out for the night. We found out that he ran his own business.

We were out of booze, and my friend hinted just that. So the guy, OG bought us another pitcher. But what's beer without pulutan right? So my conniving friend,OM, laughed her way for us to get some chicken wings or something.

The table near us, had this amazing pulutan, Ang bango ng amoy, sobra. and that was what we wanted. OG did not want to shell out anymore, but then OM told OG that i wanted that. i nodded, and that was what I told OG. Talk about going for his money.

OG then started asking where I lived. Honestly, I wasn't just gonna get inside some strangers car. No! Absolutely not! Then, OM wanted to take me home safely, and she thought that OG taking me home would be that. So they had a long, extremely long conversation on how OG should take me home first and then take OM to where she wants to go next. That was how we emptied the pitcher of beer. Over that debate.

OM actually is a great friend, because she was looking after me. She even explained to OG that in terms of men I was just in grade 2, unlike her who is about to graduate. my friend warned old guy that if anything ever happens to me, he's head is on the chopping board since she knows everyone at this bar.

So, we were definitely out of beer, and i really had to go. Coz i didn't tell my mom where i would be that night. I know she'll be mad.

OG promised he'll take us home so when we walked out of the bar and into Recto, we were expecting a car. It was a van, a barangay van, which he said was his. OM and a friend from the bar, got into the back.

That was when OG told us he was only kidding, what a joke.

His car was a silver Crosswind. I sat in the front passenger seat and told him, I lived near Mayon. OM and her friend was at the back. He took a right turn towards EspaƱa Boulevard.

But then, things kind of turn rash when he took a right turn at A.H. Lacson Street. I thought at first he was trying to avoid traffic and might go for Loyola, but then we were nearing Nagtahan bridge! What the fuck!

This was not the way to my house! I was radically complaining and pointing out just that. But no, he continued on.

I know i had to get out of this vehicle. The red light stopped us. I immediately, no questions asked, opened my door and got out. I walked away from then Crosswind. OM's friend followed me.

Fuck, there was some financial problem, kulang ako sa pera to go home. I had just enough money for one ride (which was what we originally calculated from the bar) but then to get to out house from where that bastard took me i like had to get on two, maybe even three jeepneys.
I asked OM's friend if he can take me home, he gladly said yes.

The crosswind took a Uturn with OG chasing after me, or should I say Brooke. he was yelling out Brooke's name. He told me he wouldn't do anything to harm me, and that i can trust him. Yah right!

My officemate, who was still in the car, finally spoke up. You don't need to worry, nothing is gonna happen to you. I'm here. I trusted her words.

Although I was reluctant to go back inside the car, I had no other choice. How was I gonna get home?

So, pinagsungitan ko nalang si OG on my way home. He was caressing me, yuck, kadiri! and i was moving myself away.

I wanted OG to just drop me off near our house, but then OM had to jingle so, I had no other choice.

I never spoke to OG again,

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