Tuesday, January 30, 2007

i thought that i'd have to post my thesis here as proof that i have one, thank God for he is good all the time,.he made way,.gave me another adviser who literally saved my life,. approved everything that i wrote about representing the amazons in paulino lim jr' "Ka Gaby Nom De Guerre" hoo! and i got a grade of 1.25 and 1.5 from my new adviser and my panelists..

my head is still feeling heavy,. like I'm drunk or something,. with the whole room spinning around me,. yes,. after two days,.it still is heavy,. but last Sunday was worse,. my neck was so stiff that my head was bent on to the right angle and right angle only.. now i only have to deal with the mustache brought by the scab and the little stiffness that the salon pas eases..

honestly i don't think i deserve that grade,. i think they gave it to me out of consideration out of what happened to me,. note to future thesis researchers dont get my former adviser,. he does drop his advisees,. he did that too with natasha g. according to sir galan./

i feel a bit awkward about Leo not winning anything in the SAG,. hindi sya awkward per say,. naasar din,.kasi ba namn twice nominated tapos tapos tapos tapos walong panalo,. masli banaman best cast,. HAY!!! maski golden globes hindi man siya pinangaralan,. hay naku! what is happening to this world? oh well he is still young,.

meryll streep and jack Nicholson had a lot of nominations and did not win right ? and i think little miss Sunshine is a pretty good movie,. well,. judging from the trailer,. i haven't got the chance to see it or browse through quiapo,. just yet,.

no prejudices or anything. pero i think talaga,. na this year's SAG's winners are either black or brit? look at the list people..eddie Murphy commented on the smooth delivery of thank you speeches made by the english,. and the doctor from house said that he was english that's why he was smooth.// even julie andrew is english,.hmm,. is the world welcoming in foreign thespians? would that mean that my children's children be treated equally and not any more as asians or worse,. monkeys,. mail order brides or domestic helpers or maid? i think it would depend on the asian activists,. there are roles for the europeans and black but not for eyes like that of a coin bank,. kunti lang,.just to say na hindi sila racist maglalagay sila ng african-american at yun na,.. hello meron pa pong ibang races at ethnicity dito

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