Friday, November 03, 2006

lonely was what ifelt as i headed towrds sm north edsa riding the usual jeepney with me in front. i was supposed to meet somebody. but no nothing came out of it. i did not see her. she had a previous engangement that she had to attend to. i tried texting friends, even calling one, searching for companionship as my transportation was heading near the mall, as i arrived there, and as i breezed through the crowded airconditoned halls.

what was i to do? was i just wandering and wondering why most of the people come in gleeful pairs? why are they all so sweet? and sometimes think that when a couple of same sex approaches me, they're gay beacuase i have no one by my side.

it rained today also. i wanted to make something out of a bastardly expedition. i wanted to meet up with a friend, but how cani whenthe forces of nature are telling me to stop? and be lonely gather what you have. think. and stroll down this stupid mall once more.

is anybody truly lonely?

is the sun a loner?

so i walked through sm north edsa. i found steven strait. once again he was making his presence felt. he had an upcoming movie and wanted me to be a truly great fan and watch it in the cinemas , make sure to bring somebody. so i checked the theter and saw that i would not have to wait that long.

as i got through the annex. i saw a huddle of people making uzi by a store. i wondered why. then the store was private joyce. i guessed joyce jimenez was ther. and i joined the crowd wanting to see a glimpse of the sexy star. she was just sitting by the cashier, not even wearing a smile on her face. well, i guess if i was her, i too would be offened. people are looking at you, saying 'si joyce, si joyce andayn', but they dont even bother to care to come see what you were selling. people were just in the store's entry prying, trying yo see her. why dont they enter and buy.

i was going home. i took the munoz route. i wanted to make hukay sa mga ukay ukay. what was it my cousins were raving about? where did they find cheap clothes, for only 20 to 50 pesos? so i surveyed the clothes the ukay ukay stores at munoz had to offer. i wanted to buy a khaki jacket. i only had 70 pesos.

unfortunately for me, the 70 pesos was not enough for what i wanted to buy. sure there were cheap items but items that i wanted could be brought at 168. and it being 168 meant it was new and not used, without any marks at all.

where did my cousins dig up their clothes?

william styron dies:

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