Tuesday, September 05, 2006

wow ang tagal na din di ako nakakapag kwento,.

just had fun this weekend--- friday to sunday, i was a bit emotional, but heck yeah,.

i enjoyed myself and suddenly found a place for me,.

i could stand alone,,.i have been standing alone,. (well of course with friends still by my side, but still i dont need no constant companion,. straight from your mouth that im the third wheel,. sa tricycle naman siguro ng buhay natin no??? at kaylangan talaga ako.,),./

yah,. beating the drums or should i say gong,. i just played and played. this for me was a dream come true,.

i was playing,. jamming,.,

i had to play my heart out never mind if my hands were getting sore,. this was just fot one night,. one night,.

one night that might never happen again.

i've always wanted to play drums,. unfortunately my mom seems to be turning me down,., and when people around me said that i have an ear for music and thought that i had the potential,.even gave me a demon chaser .

i told my mom about it ,. and she didn't even encourage me., oh well at least i got her to agree to enroll me to some drum lessons when will that be?

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