Tuesday, September 19, 2006

i miss sims,..
i miss playing sims,.. ( boom,. you should have heard that like an angry foot stomping,. but unfortunately it was a book, you see i'm in the library,. as always)
i miss playing with my tortilos family. sure i've got lots of simulated characters but tortilos is the one that i like to play with.

tortilos is my obsession you see.

one time, as trish and i were going to the ab building this certain guy, who i have a crush, was walking out. it was trish's idea to follow him. so we did. he went to the coop pav, yup meron pa noon,. kaya first year pa lang noon. he bought a tortillos. a CHILI TORTILLOS. that's where the nickname came from.

"obvious naman kasi pag stripes," trish commented.

i've got a johnny depp who's a bachelor, in my sims community, a samantha evagelista (belat nyo), friends cast friends with the greatest fan of friends (moi of course!), living star friends with their own lives: jen aniston, matthew perry, etc, i even have a brad pitt, anjelina jolie and their adopted family, but of course since its my world,. they ha e each other and brad is pinning for jen,. i have lots of other characters but really the ones that i'm usually playing with is tortilos.

his name is chili tortilos, with long hair a striped shirt ( black and yellow, duh)
and his got a wife,. me, of course ,. whose name is cheese tortilos,. kamukha ko din namn ,. chinita,. jeans ang suot ano pa??
and the fruit of their love is their offspring, barbeque tortilos, a boy,. yup,. he's grown na,.

we've gone to several vacations already and i know he wants to be a teacher that's why i've given him the opportunity to have a wonderful career in education,.

hay,. i miss sims,. miss playing tortilos,.

its like an alternative world of your own to pull you back from reality,. because reality can't allow you to make things hapen well sims can make your dreams come true,. through hard work,. still, of course,.

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