Wednesday, September 13, 2006

hearing verve's bittersweet symphony replay all over again in my blank space head,.

sino nga ba ang loner???

didn't God the almighty create as an individual being???
then i guess we are all loners, then, hu? just asking.,,.
so when i'm looking for companionship like waiting for a text message from a supposed friend, wanting to know where he (or she or they, take your pick) is (are). i don't get nothing, my happy, mood suddenly makes a u turn to lonelinees, instant loner. it's just that kristine is the only one listening to ana. and when i'm walking my left foot is the only one who seems to care where my right foot is going. nobody there but me. my right hand to say hi to my left who is waving.

i guess the only thing that makes me lucid again is that when somebody smiles at me, or shows that they care like a simple text, or simple hi, those things that make you feel hey you're still living, not invisible and still is a part of this society.

thought occourred to me: my grandmother told my mother that you should marry a guy who loved you more. what if i found no such GUY.

Just the holy Trinity.. Of course it's already a fact that He loves me more. He sacrificed His life for us. should i be inclined to enter the nunnery and marry him???

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