Tuesday, April 25, 2006

just another lazy summer, usually spent infront of a monitor (tv or computer),. and i'm regretting the fact that i'm not doing anything productive.

there has to be a cure, with these online addictions.

i cant even finish a short story. grr!!! i have to finish a book,. at least one book just for this month,., its pathetic!!!

well i just won the last hand,. bwahaha!!!:)
game of poker,.,.

.. im reading lady chatterley's lover and another book by Maya Angelou

c ana childhud frend q 2...we became frends kc mgklasm8 pla dti s uste moms nmn tpos ngng mgklasm8 rin kme and from den on we became gud frends...i can still remember wen we wer in grade scul and i olweiz visit their house and i even went to their province in tarlac..hehe..dmi nmn moments 2geder and i wil surely treasure those 4 d rest of my life. gud girl 2 c ana lge lng nxa hauz,reading books, and hnd mhlig s boys...bti nlng we didnt lose our communication coz surely i wil miss dis girl...so thats it 4 now..take care olweiz,,.mwaaaah...
wow naks naman. anong binabasa mo? hehe... for a moment i thought magsusulat ka ng libro for a month. hehe...
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